Prof. Roberto Verna, President of WASPaLM, expresses personally and on behalf of all the members of the Board, the council of past officers and all the Constituent Societies, the great sorrow for the death of Prof. Howard Morris, President of IFCC and friend. Howard was a talented scientist and a very pleasant person; a friend, with whom we carried out numerous programs for the development of Laboratory Medicine. May he rest in peace.


WASPaLM is the World Association of societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine founded in Parisin September 1947. Soon alter the end of World War Il, the possibility of founding a World Federation of Constituent Societies of Pathology was considered by a group of pathologists in London. The new Society, which had as members national societies of clinical pathology, (initially from France, the United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, and Belgium), was governed by a House of Delegates representing its Constituent Societies, with a Bureau to serve as the Executive Committee of the House, a pattern of government which persists today.

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The 30th World Congress of World Association

of Societies Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

19-21 September 2019
Xi’an, China


GORDON SIGNY FELLOWSHIP. The World Pathology Foundation was origionaly chartered in 1972, in Berne, Switzerland. At that time the World Association of Societies in Pathology or WASP, as it was then known, decided that a body, completely separate and independent of the WASP was required. The purpose of this new body was stated thus: ” The objectives of the Foundation are scientific, educational and charitable; to promote public safety and public health by fostering the development of good standards in anatomic and clinical pathology, especially in the developing countries.” To further these aims, the World Pathology Foundation will, among others, foster research, education and application of these medical sciences by organizing conferences, encouraging interchange of pathology information among nations and initiating and prompting publications in pathology. There is no record of why Switzerland was chosen as its initial home; the reason for the interval of two years before the WPF was accepted as a charity by the Swiss Authorities remains undocumented.