Mission and Goals


The World Association has become increasingly active in international affairs, representing pathology at the World Health Organisation, serving on the Council of International Organisations in the Medical Sciences, and establishing relations with other international bodies.
An important aspect of the work of the World Association has been the development of a number of Committees, each with a Constituent Pathology Society or College taking a particular responsibility on an international footing. These include the International Liaison Committee (replacing the old Commission on World Standards) which represents WASPaLM societies to both ISO and the World Health Organization (USA, College of American Pathologists and Australia, Royal College of Pathologists); the Policy, Guidelines and Advocacy Committee (replacing the Secretariat on Economic Affairs, the Secretariat on Ethics and the Secretariat on Forensic Pathology – no sponsoring society); the Education Committee (replacing the old Secretariat on Pathology in the Developing World) which coordinates educational programs for developing countries (United Kingdom, Royal College of Pathologists); the Publication and Informatics Committee (replacing the old Informatics Secretariat; no sponsoring society); and the Finance and Corporate Sponsors Committee (Japan, Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine).


To improve health throughout the world by promoting the teaching and practice of all aspects of Pathology/Laboratory Medicine.


1. To promote education, research, and international quality standards, through the Committees and Secretariats of WASPaLM and the World Pathology Foundation.
2. To promote high quality, cost effective medical laboratory services.
3. To promote the exchange of information between pathologists and laboratory scientists throughout the world.
4. To encourage the formation of, and cooperation between, societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine throughout the world.
5. To foster cooperation between WASPaLM and other international health organisations.

The current Objectives of each of the Categorical Secretariats and Committees of WASPaLM are described on this directory.