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It is with a heart full of sadness that I communicate the death of Robby Bacchus. Robby, who belonged to the Royal College of Pathology, has been an outstanding member of WASPaLM for many and many years and has led the activity of education in Countries in need. For his valuable activity, he was awarded…

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Mapping of Emergency Use Pathways

Mapping of Emergency Use Pathways Please find attached a recent CIRS document giving a very good overview about regulatory emergency use pathways and regulatory flexibilities during COVID-19 pandemic.   Alignment of regulatory approaches and regulatory flexibility during COVID-19 In a high-level meeting on COVID-19 policies, organised by European Medicines Agency (EMA) on 30 April under…

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Phase 2. Can we trust 60 million Italians?

Letter to quotidianosanità.it APR 30 – Dear Director, the approach of “phase 2” fills me with concern. The behaviors of the Italians have so far been moderately virtuous, but we have witnessed numerous exceptions from those who, perhaps, considered themselves immune or, worse, from those who only wanted to mock the authorities and the surrounding…

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